Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Elevator Pitch

I recently read an interesting article about crafting the essential elevator pitch.  An elevator pitch is basically a tight speech for a call to action to a busy investor in the time it takes an elevator to travel a few levels.  Usually the call to action is to set up a meeting to consider investing in the idea pitched.
I am not calling for capitalization.  We are still a ways away from that.  Instead I want to bring awareness to how Official Coach Lerning Academies is a unique 21st century concept of education.  So here is my Elevator Pitch:
We need a 21st century change in education. Official Coach Lerning Academies is a 21st century concept of education.
My name is Carlos Mendoza.  I’m a  20-year veteran educator with administrative experience.  I have served on the school boards of Adelanto Elementary School District and Victor Valley Christian School. My expertise is in alternative education, special education, education media design, and technology. I have a traditional Master’s degree in Education and a nontraditional online Master of Science degree in Educational Media Design and Technology. My goal is to promote a radical change in education. I am the founder and lead innovator of Official Coach Lerning Academies.
Our current school system is based on a late 19th century model of industrialization that no longer exists today.  The factory jobs students were being prepared to fill are now gone.  No Child Left Behind, Race To The Top, Waivers, Vouchers and other federal programs are screaming that our school system is not working.
Yet schooling has not fundamentally changed in over a hundred years.  Private schools have not progressed any further than public schools.  To put it simply, our society has made advancement in technology that has yet to reach the average classroom.
Official Coach Lerning Academies is different. It has re-imagined education for the 21st century.  It is the first of its kind to offer education developed for this century.
Official Coach Lerning Academies break out of the late 19th century mold with private regionally accredited independent studies schools that blend online gamified story lines with project-based mastery.
Students are not enrolled in a particular school, but rather have membership privileges in all of the academies. Coach Michael Lerning is the central character of a gamified story line that motivates and guide students through the 21st century learning experience.
While education reformers are wasting time trying to make an outdated school system relevant – Official Coach Lerning Academies can open everywhere with the ease of an Internet connection and a local facilitator. Official Coach Lerning Academies is a school system with the flexibility of a tutoring center.  The bulk of the instruction is done online with gamified story lines.  Enrolled students can earn credit by completing problem-based projects.  They can visit any academy and depending on the size signup for various enrichment activities and submit their projects.
Most students rather not attend school – it is boring.  It is designed for one-size fits all.  They go through the motions of learning to get through the system.  Our students are attracted by compelling gamified story lines, but are enrolled for the flexible quality education that was once reserved for royalty that could afford to commission tutors to educate their children.  Universal membership with Coach Learning Academies with online gamified learning and project-based mastery is unique, but totally doable in the 21st century.
Look at our school system today. You know a change has to happen.  That change for the better can happen – with your help.  All you have to do is Like Us on Facebook.  Yes, click here and Like our Facebook page.  That is it. And you will be an early supporter making a difference in education.
We will continue to explore the uniqueness of Official Coach Lerning Academies in future posts.  Thank you for visiting.  Please continue to visit our blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.