About Educator Musing


Welcome to Educator Musing.  My name is Carlos Mendoza.  This blog is my personal and profession reflections on 21st century learning. The goal is to promote a radical change in education. 

Official Coach Lerning Academies is that radical change in education. 

Official Coach Lerning Academies is a 21st century concept of education. Regionally accredited independent studies schools that blend online gamified story lines with project-based mastery. It is still in the developmental stage. Students are not enrolled in a particular school, but rather have membership privileges in all of the academies. Coach Michael Lerning is the central character of a gamified story line that motivates and guide students through the 21st century learning experience. 

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Relating to Official Coach Lerning Academies, here is what you will find on Educator Musing:

  • Commentary on current news related to education.
  • Commentary on the state and condition of our school system.
  • Discussions on 21st century learning.
  • Discussions on education media design and technology.
  •  Sometimes humor.
  • And an unrelenting call for a radical change in education.

Please join me in my reflections on 21st century learning.  I want to read your comments and opinions.  I will do my best to answer questions.

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