Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Night Before Testing

It was the night before testing, when all through the school,
The students were studying except for one fool.
The tests were all packaged for the teachers with care,
In hopes that all of the students soon would be there.

The students were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of perfect solid bubbles, danced in their heads.
The superintendent pacing in his office, the principals with her teams,
Had just said their prayers, to reach their high API dreams.

When out over the district, there arose such a hush,
The children were sleeping after all the last minute rush.
At last away to their homes, the teachers did dash
To get some much needed rest, for morning would arrive in a flash.

With love from their parents, the students moved quickly,
They knew it was testing week and they couldn’t be sickly.
Even more rapid than teachers the students they came.
They shouted and yelled out the supplies they would need.

Now pencils! Now paper! Now dividers and erasers!
Now sharpeners! Now rulers, for all the test takers.
They ran through the halls to the door of their class,
Let’s study! Yes study! Now we’ll study real fast!

As the high desert winds blew through the school,
The children were ready to hear all the test taking rules.
So after a potty break, the students they came,

And were given their tests books to check for their names.
And then on the loud speaker, there came quite a clatter,
It was the principal with all of her encouraging chatter.
As the principal’s pep talk ended, the teachers turned with a frown,
To make sure none of their students were clowning around.

A year’s worth of new knowledge, they held tight in their grasp,
And they knew it would help them complete this grand task.
They were dressed for success from their head to their shoes,
And their brains were stuffed full of all that they knew.

Their eyes how they twinkled, their confidence sky high,
They’re resolved to work hard, and give it their best try.
Their smart and well tested minds were ready to go,
They were determined and fierce to get on with the show.

The booklets of tests, the teachers held tight in their hands,
With high hopes their students would meet all of the state’s demands.
The teachers wore their sincere faces, and their voices were clear,
“Children you can do it, we’ve worked hard all year.”

The well prepared students were happy and ready to start,
After all, testing had become mastered, just like a fine art.
With a sparkle in their students’ eyes, and a confidant nod of their heads,
Soon showed the teachers, they had nothing to dread.

The students spoke not a word, but went straight to their chore,
Read the first question, and then read it once more.
With test taking strategies, ingrained in their brains,
It was sure to help each student make high API gains.

They completed the tests, gave each other high fives,
State testing was finally over … they all felt so alive.
Yes! State testing was over, so they all gave a cheer,
We’ve completed this challenge; well at least until the next school year!

By Mrs Laymon’s Third Graders 2009-2010
Morgan Kincaid Preparatory School of Integrated Studies
Debbie French - Principal

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