Saturday, May 8, 2010

Full Sail University Program Reflection

I just finished my second masters degree. It is a Master of Science in Education Media Design and Technology. Below is my program reflection:

I totally enjoyed my experience with Full Sail University. And I recommend the Education Media Design and Technology Master of Science program for those willing to go beyond the token education technology class in traditional teacher preparation courses.

I have some observations and advice for those interested in the EMDTMS program. The program does not allow you to be a spectator. You will participate, interact, and collaborate in many projects. This program is hands on – never doubt that.

You will be challenged. The pace and time commitment is intense. The standard for performance is high. Expectations are high. But you can definitely do it.

Come to the program with an open mind. Be prepared to leave your comfort zone. I had to sing a Bob Dylan song for our Musical Theory and Education Applications class. It doesn’t get any more uncomfortable than that for me. Oh, yes it did. I had to video record myself doing dance exercises. I’m not posting that on my blog.

You will make friends in the program. There’s something about comrades in arms living through the same experience and having to rely on each other that creates a bond. I would gladly collaborate with any of my classmates and instructors again.

And one last word, you will get out of the program what you are willing to put into it. Instead of sweating the grade (we’re all competitive that way), push the envelope on what you are able to do. Meeting the rubric of a project – that’s expected, does not impress your classmates and instructors. They want to be wowed by your passion and creativity.

Ok, one more last word. Don’t forget who you are and why you chose this program. You are uniquely created and special. You have support systems within and outside of the program. Come out of the program with more than you came in with.

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Holly said...

Loved this post- thanks for spreading the word :)