Sunday, March 7, 2010

MAC Week #1 Wimba session 1

“Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.”

- Charlie Chaplin

“Oh no you don’t, I’ve waited 11 months for this insanity and I will enjoy every moment of it!”

- Laurie Stubbs-Hammond

Relief is the best description of how I felt after reviewing the MAC Week #1 Wimba session 1 archive. I didn’t realize our group was the last to be required to complete the thesis project as currently designed and the classes behind us were doing an action research project instead. I was under the impression from the end of our last class that we had to complete an action research project. The final thesis draft, media project, and final presentation will be challenging enough without also doing 10 months of work in just a few days.

This Wimba session was also helpful (Thank you Professor Bustillos) in clarifying what is expected for the media project proposal.

Many of us have expressed anxiety over getting everything completed in a timely manner. I am no exception. So I really appreciated Laurie’s comment that I quoted above.

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jbb said...

Onward and upward and don't let the AR door hit you in the .... oh, never mind.