Saturday, March 13, 2010

MAC Week #2 Reading – Rule Number 6

“My name is Mr. Mendoza. I have a first name, but it’s not appropriate for students to address a teacher by their first name. So I prefer to be addressed as Mr. Mendoza. However, for the students uncomfortable with the formality of that name – I am also willing to respond to Lord Master. The choice is up to you.”

- First Day of School Introduction

Rule Number 6 in the book, The Art of Possibility by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, is about not taking yourself so seriously. It doesn’t mean to have a low self-image. No, instead it is meant to free you from unnecessary stress and tension caused by self-imposed artificial crises.

Too often we prove our worth with artificial goals and deadlines. And when they are not achieved, we have a crisis. Is a straight A+ average as important as knowledge gained? Is a job title as important as being in a position that opens growth opportunities and benefits to the company and us? Is our petty wants and demands really worthy obstacles of what could be achieved in a more cooperative environment? Under Rule Number 6 – the answer would be no.

The name Rule Number 6 itself exemplifies this principle since there are no other rules and it could easily be Rule Number 1.

Imagine what could be accomplished if everyone decided to work collaboratively because we are all wonderful, and not one more important than another. Rule Number 6 – don’t take yourself so seriously.

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jbb said...

That's perfect, Lord Master. Especially at a Christian school.