Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MAC Week #3 – Response to Elyse – Emergent Technologies

Elyse – Emergent Technologies wrote the following:

Gaming in education is a topic that has fascinated me since we took our gaming class. This video showed a group that incorporated gaming in education. They spoke about the need for gaming in education. Gaming offers students a fun way to learn to solve problems. Learning is often considered "boring" by the students, but incorporate gaming, and suddenly the students are engaged and excited about learning.

This group is doing research on gaming in education. It is important that more groups start this. Gaming is often still looked upon in a negative way. Yet through games, students are learning, engaged, and solving problems. I believe it is important to learn ways to reach our students, and gaming can be a way to do that.


Gaming in education is a topic that I also find fascinating. I’ve been curious about their application possibilities in education since the 80’s when I took a college course called Gamed Simulations. Until recent years we were limited to board games and classroom simulations. Now we have technologies that open fantastic possibilities for the use of games in education.

I agree with Coordinator of Technology Education Robert Appelman that we want to be able to give content assignments that have the same attraction and immersion found in games. My current fascination is how big social networks like MySpace and FaceBook use game applications to enhance their websites. I know that my interest in visiting FaceBook and interaction with my friends have gone up since playing the games. Lessons to be learn for eSchooling.

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