Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MAC Week #3 Media Project – Welcome letter

The welcome letter below is where newcomers to my media project site are first directed to go.

Welcome - Start here!

We are glad that you chose to join our online professional community. In our community you may create and join in on chats, blogs, groups, and forum discussions. Within storage limits, you may also share photos, videos, and music/podcasts.

It is our hope that this will become your platform to share lesson plans, knowledge, experience, stories, opinions, concerns, and insights. In return, as a community, we will do our best to answer your questions and keep you informed with the latest V.V.T.A. news and updates.

If you are new to the online experience or would like to help colleagues unfamiliar with Web 2.0 technologies, please join the Digital Immigrant group.

In the meanwhile, this is where we start.

Above the grey box that we are in - there are tabs. Let's take a look at these tabs.

Notes Tab

This welcome note is in the Notes tab - the highlighted tab that is second from the right. The Notes tab is a good place to go for resources, information, and updates.

Main Tab

The first tab all the way to the left is the Main tab. Clicking on the Main tab will take you to the Main page. It is the opening page of this website and features many of the applications provided. This welcome note, for example, in addition to being in the Notes tab is also featured on the Main page.

Invite Tab

The Invite tab provides the opportunity to invite others to our community. It is possible that this application is not enabled for members because they are signed in with a district email. Even so, please note that this is a private invitation only community and all invitations are processed through the Web Master before approval. Membership is limited to V.V.T.A. members with a district email account. Personal email accounts will not be processed.

My Page Tab

The My Page tab will take you to your profile page. There's a lot of freedom on this site. My Page allows you to manage your photos, videos, blogs, etc. You may change the theme of your profile page, adjust the layout and add compatible applications. You may also post status updates and send tweets for Twitter from your My Page. Status updates and tweets are short (within 140 characters) messages about whatever is on your mind.

A word about your photo. Please portray the image you want your professional colleagues to have of you.

Members Tab

The Members tab will take you to the directory. You may look up members from there. V.V.T.A. representatives are also featured on the Main page.

Photos Tab

The Photos tab allows members to share photos with the community. Click here to see inventory of photos. Members manage their own photos from the their My Page.

Videos Tab

The Videos tab allows members to share videos (less than 100MB in size) with the community. Click here to see inventory of videos. Members manage their own videos from the My Page tab. A sample video is featured on the Main page.

Forum Tab

It is from the Forum tab that the community may have "town-hall" discussions. You may participate in a discussion or start your own. Click here to get into a discussion or start one. Members may manage their participation in forum discussions from their My Page.

Events Tab

The Events tab is where members may find the community calendar. Create an event and post the date, time and place.

Groups Tab

Members may create groups within this community. You can create or join groups to meet members with your interests or from your school/department. Group creators may moderate membership into that group.

Blogs Tab

Write your own blog! The Blogs tab allows members to share their blogs (web logs) with the community. Click here to see a list of blogs. Want to follow a particular blog? Visit that person's profile page. Members can manage their blogs from their My Page.

Chat Tab

Chat with members of the community while on the site. Click on the Chat tab or access it from the Main page.

MindJolt Games Tab

Play over 500 games! Challenge your friends or play on your own. Enjoy!

Please play at home. Games will not go through district firewall.

For answers to technical questions: Click on the Help link at the bottom of the page. It will take you to the Ning Help page.

Click on the Privacy link to see copy of Privacy policy.

Click on Terms of Service to see copy of contracted use of this website.

Report abuse of this website to the Web Master.

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Very cool, i'm really looking forward to seeing the real website